Terms and Conditions – Referral Program

CreditSmart Referral Program

1.       CreditSmart accepts referrals from individuals on the basis that such referral might be interested in the services or products offered by CreditSmart

2.       By submitting a referral, the referrer acknowledges the following:

a.       That the referral has agreed and consented to his/her information being shared with CreditSmart

b.       That the referrer has had a conversation with the referral and established an interest by the referral into one or more of CreditSmart’s products or services

c.       The Referrer indemnifies CreditSmart against any loss or claim that might arise from the referrer submitting the detail of the referral.

3.       The referral fee is R350 for a successful referral.

a.       A Successful referral is considered to be such when the referral has applied for a product or service and the 1st payment for the product or service has been successfully collected.

b.       The referral fee will be paid directly into the referrer’s bank account and no cash referral fees will be paid.

c.       Should there be multiple referrals, the combined amount will be paid into the referrer’s bank account.

d.       All referral fees due will be paid on the last day of the month in which the 1st payment of the referral has been collected, or on or before the 7th of the following month.

4.       CreditSmart reserves the right to terminate the referral program without any notice to participants.

5.       Employees of CreditSmart or family members of people employed by CreditSmart may not participate in the referral program without the prior written consent of management.