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Debt Review - Consumer Friendly Breakdown

Debt Review – A consumer friendly breakdown

You Kept up with the Joneses and now you’re up to your ears in debt with no hope of relief. Luckily for you, the National Credit Act is there to ease your burden. Without bombarding you with all the legal jargon and technical terms, here is the consumer-friendly break down of what Debt review, also known as Debt Counselling, can do for you. In June 0f 2007 the National Credit Act (NCA) and the National Credit Regulator (NCR) came into effect and [...]

Debt Hangover

Avoid a debt hangover by applying these three simple rules

Applying for a loan or a credit card can be exciting. Having extra cash available for your holiday or an unplanned shopping spree can be exhilarating but every high unfortunately will end in a low. In this case the low comes in the form of a monthly payment usually in the shape of a debit order and the money you spent in a matter of weeks will now take years to repay. Symptoms of a debt hangover may include – [...]