Staying out of debt this Valentine’s Day

Stay Out Of Debt This Valentines Day

Staying out of debt this Valentine’s Day

February, the month of love… or is it? February is the month where everyone spends crazy amounts of cash (that they don’t have) on romantic things that are way overpriced.

Valentine’s day became a totally superficial thing that is driven to extremes by the smart marketing companies who push and pray on the hype of consumerism. The trend these days are that people are more concerned about where their partners will be taking them on the day instead of a small intimate show of love.

A normal bunch of red roses will cost 3 times the normal price on the 14th of February and a dinner for two at your favourite restaurant will be sneakily disguised as a special valentine’s dinner but would be exactly the same as last Wednesday. Don’t be fooled and in the process be pushed into debt. Consumers need to be carful of making valentines day a show of wealth instead of love.  

Whatever your taste for valentine’s day, make sure to not get caught up in the marketing hype of the day. Follow these tips to make the most of your money, make sure you don’t blow your budget and stay out of debt.

Wait until the next day

On the 14th of February everything will double in price. Some have even coined phrase “Love Tax” to describe the inflation of prices on the day. Who made the rule that love should be celebrated on the 14th anyway? If you wait to celebrate your loved one on the 15th, things will work out a lot cheaper. Love should be celebrated any day of the year. Make the decision with your partner to celebrate valentine’s day, or your love rather, a day or two after the 14th.

Plan ahead

If you do decide to go ahead and treat your lovey on the 14th, be sure to plan for it in advance. Waiting until the last minute will put you under pressure and end up costing you money to make something nice happen. Decide what you want to do and put away enough cash for the event. This will help you to enjoy the event instead of stressing about the black (or valentine red) hole your money is disappearing into. Planning will set the limits of what you are able to spend and just help you to relax about it.

Ignore the Jones’s

The Joneses always look like they go to the fanciest restaurants, drive the shiniest cars, wear the most stylish clothes and are so in love. The part that nobody talks about is the fact that the Joneses are in debt. Find something this valentine’s day that is special to you and your partner, and not something that you know in your conscious is actually trying to keep up with appearances. If your finances are a bit tight getting to extravagant on valentine’s day does not make sense.

Leave the credit card at home

Do it cash. We all have known for quite some time now that the 14th of February will come around. It is important to budget do the day well in advance. If your finances are tight, not having a budget for the event can be fatal for your cashflow. Putting the valentine’s bill on your 6 months budget facility and paying for 6 months for a 2-hour date is not the best approach. Refer to tip no 2. Plan and put away enough cash.

Get old school

The reason why we recommend getting old school is simple. In the past valentine’s day used to be celebrated in a quiet, intimate and modest manner. Couples simply used to spend time together, rejuvenating their relationship. A simple conversation of a bottle of wine at home over dinner and a small gift used to do the trick. Instead of going out for dinner to an expensive fancy restaurant, get some ingredients and kook a romantic dinner at home. Light some candles, get some Frank Sinatra going in the background and put your best concoction forward. The best ingredients will cost less than half of what you’ll pay at a restaurant. The added benefit is that your valentine will appreciate your effort a lot more. For some inspiration have a look on https://www.jamieoliver.com/ or https://www.facebook.com/buzzfeedtasty/ . There are a bunch of great and affordable ideas. Write an old-fashioned love letter, pack a picnic basket and get out in nature or pick wild flowers. Just start on Google and get the creative juices flowing.

Remember, it does not matter where you go or what you do. A good date is a good date. Overspending and pushing your cashflow into the red (no pun intended) will put a damper on the memory of that awesome date. Get back to the main reason why we are celebrating valentine’s in the first place. Make every day of the year a valentine’s day.

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