Our Services

Our Services

When we considered our service offering we wanted a solution for
every consumer in the credit-to-debt life cycle.

CreditSmart has put together the smartest bunch of debt remedies and
solutions that is sure to bring relief and turn your bad debt into good
credit or help you to become debt free.

Credit Cover

The CreditCover policy covers all your credit and debt accounts under one policy.
Easy to manage, easy to claim, super afforbdable with the best benefits structure in the industry

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Debt Review

The Debt Review process combines all your debt obligations into one and immediately improves your cashflow position.

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Credit Report Review

Totally getting rid of one’s debt is possible, but in today’s economy learning how to effectively manage and use credit to your advantage is much more important.

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Debt Counselling

When debt repayments are choking your cashflow, debt counselling will help you regain control immediately. we have experts that can help you do exactly that.

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Debt Consolidation

Having to pay multiple credit providers and keeping track of how much to pay each one can be daunting. The solution lies in combining or consolidating all your instalments into one single debt repayment instalment. it will make life so much easier

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Credit Review & Coaching

Totally getting rid of one’s debt is possible, but in today’s economy learing how to effectively manage and use credit to your advantage is much more important.

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Debt Mediation

Debt mediation is a process that is intended to help consumers who are experiencing a cash flow problem that might only last a few months. the solution would be an alternative arrangement affordable to the consumer and acceptable to the creditor is made on the consumer’s behalf.

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In certain cases, voluntary sequestration might be the best and sometimes only option left to sort out you debt. the effect of a voluntaty sequestration is like pressing a “reset” button on you debt. You literally start over.

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What do our clients say

CreditSmart Testimonial - Simpiwe

Thanks to Debt review from CreditSmart I have regained control of my life. I’m debt free.

Simpiwe, Pretoria North

CreditSmart Testimonial - Henry

I’m able to use my credit facilities much wiser, not having to pay unnecessary fees and interest…thanks to CreditSmart.

Henry, Nelson Mandela Bay

CreditSmart Testimonial - Keshni

I was scared at first, but CreditSmart made the process easy and simple. I now pay what I can afford.

Keshni, Cape Town

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