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We can Help by Combining your monthly debt payments…

Benefits of Our Process

Better Cashflow: Reducing your debt repayments will open up cash flow for you immediately.
Reduced Interest Rates: This can save you thousands and thousands of Rands.
Legal Protection: No credit provider may continue with legal action against you.
Protected Assets: Your house or vehicles cannot be repossessed while under debt review.
Affordability: You pay what you can afford.

Combine your monthly debt payments and decrease your payment by up to 60%!

Stop living in arrears, end the debt spiral today! Our proven program can help.

Submit your detail and
one of our expert debt
advisors will contact
you to facilitate a formal

Your dedicated debt advisor crunches the numbers with you to determine what you can afford and you immediately start paying the reduced and combined installment.

We negotiate a payment plan with all your credit providers and make that payment plan a court order to make it official.

You relax and simply pay your combined installment each month until you are back on your feet. You’ll always have access to your dedicated debt advisor.


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