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As an accounting technician, you’ll prepare the financial information which professional accountants or business managers use when
making decisions. You could be part of a large team or you could be the only financially-trained member of staff in a small enterprise.

Accounting technicians can be employed in industry, commerce or the public sector. Most people in this job start their careers in a finance support role



Depending on the route you take, your qualifications and subsequent work experience, you may cover a range of roles including gathering, checking
and analysing financial information.

Wherever you work, your responsibilities will include:

assisting in the preparation of accounts
dealing with basic book keeping
processing and paying invoices
recording receipts and payments
preparing and checking ledger balances and other monthly and yearly accounts
completing and submitting tax returns, VAT returns and National Insurance contributions
handling company expenses and payroll systems that pay wages and salaries
using computerised accounting systems.
With experience, you might take on supervisor responsibilities and more complex tasks, such as:

preparing financial reports
planning and budget control
helping qualified accountants with accounts inspections (audits).
Different financial departments require different specialist knowledge. You’ll develop specific skills depending on which area of finance you’re working in.

Self-employed accounting technicians provide a range of accountancy services to businesses. These tend to be in a specialist area of accounting
and may include:

advising on budgets
advising on taxation issues and ensuring compliance with taxation legislation
calculating end-of-year accounts
Starting salaries for trainee accounting technicians range from £16,000 to £22,000.
Once qualified and with experience, you could earn up to £30,000 or more.
Salaries vary according to your employer and sector you’re employed in. There are regional variations with higher salaries in southern England, particularly London.

Income figures are intended as a guide only.

Working hours


Accounting technicians usually work standard oce hours. Busy periods may occur when processing end of month accounts and at the beginning and end of the financial year.

Part-time work and career breaks are usually possible, as well as temporary and short-term contracts.

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