Debt Negotiation

Debt Negotiation

To negotiate with credit providers can be a scary prospect for many consumers. Luckily CreditSmart has built relationships with your credit providers over the past few years, putting us in a unique position to do some debt negotiation on your behalf.

What Is Debt Negotiation?

Debt Negotiation is a service offered by CreditSmart where we negotiate with your credit providers on your behalf, to accommodate a certain payment plan, interest rate or settlement based on your unique situation.

We can negotiate a lot of things through our Debt Negotiation process, but here are some of the usual items:

Debt Settlement: We can negotiate a discount if you want to settle a debt.

Payment Plans: Sometimes the normal instalment has become unaffordable and you need a new instalment that will fit your pocket.

Catch-up of Arrears: If you’ve missed one payment or a few, you’ll need to bring the account up to date. Our Debt Negotiation service will assist so the process of bringing the account up to date falls within the parameters of what you can afford.

Better Interest Rates: Won’t hurt to ask for a better interest rate on your bond, credit card or overdraft would it?

Legal Aspects: Sometimes your credit providers have started legal action or appointed attorneys. We can talk to them on your behalf to arrange an agreeable solution for both parties.

The benefits of debt negotations

  • Free budget and cashflow analysis
  • Free Credit Report analysis
  • Free Credit Report
  • You don’t have to deal with your credit provider
  • We communicate with your credit providers on your behalf
  • You can pay your credit providers directly
  • Exclusive access to our CreditCover product
  • No courts involved – it is voluntary
  • Tips and advice to improve your financial situation
  • Effectively utilise your credit facilities.

Enquire about Debt Negotiation now!

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Still wondering about Debt Negotiation?

We have answered some general questions.

Will I be able to afford this service?

When we construct your free budget, we’ll work with you to make provision for the service in your budget. There are payment options available, and we’ll build those around what you can afford.

Is this Debt Mediation?

No. Debt Mediation has been deemed unlawful by the National Credit Regulator. Voluntary Debt Mediation Services (VDMS) was designed by the credit providers and only address the issues with their own accounts.

Can you do Debt negotiation on one single account?

Yes. We quote you per account that we have to negotiate on. You can give us all your accounts, or you can cherry pick the ones that give you a headache. We would also make some recommendations when we do the free credit report and cash-flow analysis. Certain accounts we would include by default simply because we’ll be able to get you a better rate.

What if I have received a summons already?

Unfortunately, the success rate when summons has been issued is very low. We recommend that you contact us before a summons is issued. Especially when it comes to vehicle financing and bond agreements. Don’t wait until it is too late.

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