Debt Counselling

Debt Counselling

Having to pay multiple credit providers and keeping track of how much to pay each one can be daunting. On average, a credit active consumer must pay 9 different credit provider accounts

The solution lies in combining or consolidating all your instalments into one single debt repayment instalment. It will make life so much easier.

The benefits of debt review

  • One single and affordable instalment
  • The instalment is calculated based on how much you can afford
  • Consolidation happens without additional loans
  • Credit providers cannot take legal action against you
  • Interest rates are reduced, helping you to get out of debt quicker
  • Credit Profile Restored at the end of the process
  • You get a free Credit Report
  • You get a Dedicated Debt Advisors who will be there for you all the way.

Additional Benifits


You’ll also receive these exclusive benefits when signing up for debt review with CreditSmart

Retrenchment Cover

if you get retrenched, we have you convered by paying your monthly debt instalments for up to 12 months.

Death Cover

in the event of your death, we’ll settle your debt

Maternity Cover

Should you have a unplanned pregnancy, we’ll cover your debt instalmets during your maternity leave period up to 3 moths

Critical lllness@ Permanet Disability Cover

Should you become critically ill or permanently disabled, we’ll settle your debt

Temporary Disability Cover

We’ll pay your debt instalmets for up to 12 months.


Identity theft Cover

it happens, but we’ve got you covered with a lumpsum to help you regain control

Enquire about Debt Consolidation now!

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Submit you detail hereonline. Take the first step.

One of our expert debt advisors will give you a call to facilitate the application

Your dedicated debt advisor runs through your budget with you to determine if debt counselling is the best solution for you, and whether you are over-indebted.

We calculate a preliminary instalment which you star to pay immediately.

Next,we notify all your credit providers and credit bureaux of you application for debt review and ask them for the latest outstanding balances.

A debt repayment plan is them calculated based on the latest balances. this is where your debt gets restructured.

Our expert attorneys then bring an aopplication to a court. They will ask the court to make the repayment plan a court order. You don’t need to be present unless the magistrate explicitly requests your presence.

You continue making payments until you debt is settled.

We issue a clearnce cerificate once your debt is settled. This is sent to all credit bureaux and will ensure that you can apply for credit again.


If you need help, please don’t hesitate to call and
we can help you through the process

Still wondering about debt counselling?

We have answered some general questions.


How long does debt counselling take?

We aim to have you debt free within 60 months. The average period for consumers in the debt counselling process is 36 months.


How much will I pay?

The monthly debt counselling contribution will be calculated by your dedicated debt advisor and will be base don what you can afford.


Is my house and car protected?

Yes, credit providers cannot repossess your house or car whilst you are in the debt counselling process.


Do I have still have to talk to my creditors while in debt counselling?

No, we will talk to your creditors and keep them from hassling you any further. We know it’s not nice if someone bugs you every day for money, so we’ll talk to them on your behalf. If there are incidents where they call you, we want you to report it to us.

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