Credit review & coaching

Credit review & coaching

Credit makes the world go round…


Where would the average consumer be if they had no access to credit?

The reality and truth for millions of South African consumers is that they need the access to credit to improve or sustain their quality of life.

Totally getting rid of one’s debt is possible, but in today’s economy learning how to effectively manage and use credit to your advantage is much more important.

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There are 25 million consumers who make use of credit facilities in South Africa, 41% of them are having trouble effectively managing those facilities. You are not alone, there are others who deal with exactly the same challenges i.t.o debt.

What is Credit Review and Coaching?


The Credit Review and Coaching program is a 6 – 12 months support service which will teach you how to work with a budget, restore your credit profile to it’s former glory, restructure your credit facilities to best suit your unique profie and put more cash back into your cashflow.

Your Debt Advisor will crunch the numbers with you to set up a reasonable and realistic living budget and construct a strategy that is in line with your goals and expected outcomes.
You then depart on a 6 – 12-month journey with your Debt Advisor who will coach and guide you until you’ve reached the goals set out in the beginning of the process.

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1st Credit Report for Free
Review and Analysis of your Credit Profile
Review and Analysis of your Budget and Cashflow
Assistance with Optimising your Credit Facilities
Review and Analysis of your Insurance Products

  • Access to a dedicated Coach and Debt Advisor for 6 or 12 months
  • Assistance to set specific Financial Goals
  • Assistance with constructing a realistic Budget
  • Action Plan to achieve those goals
  • Continuous Review and Adjustment by your Debt Advisor

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Still wondering about Credit Review and Coaching?

We have answered some general questions.


Will I be able to afford this service?

When constructing your budget and developing a strategy to improve your current status-quo, your debt advisor will show you in the calculations how easily you’ll be able to afford the Credit Review and Coaching service.


Is this Debt Review?

No. This is a totally voluntary and unique service. This service is totally driven by your commitment to improve your financial situation and has no statutory obligations whatsoever.


How long does it take before I see results?

Depending on how bad your credit profile has deteriorated, it takes between 3 – 6 months to start to see movement. Laying a firm foundation with proper planning is the start, from there things can only improve.


Do you have payment options?

Yes. The Credit Review and Coaching service can be paid once off for the 6 or 12 months option, or a monthly payment arrangement can be put into place. You Debt Advisor will do an ocial quotation and application which you will be required to accept before we proceed.

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