Credit Cover

Credit Cover

For this reason, it would be smart to insure your credit and debt against retrenchment, maternity leave, death, permanent or temporary disability, critical illness or ID theft.

The CreditCover policy covers all your credit and debt accounts under one policy.

Easy to manage, easy to claim, super affordable with the best benefts structure in the industry.

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Did you know you are most likely already paying for credit linked insurance on your existing credit facilities?

Credit Cover is usually imbedded by the credit provider when a consumer takes out a loan, and forms part of your loan instalment.

These are usually expensive and only covers one account.

What Is Credit Cover?

Credit Cover is known by a few names; Credit Linked Insurance, Credit Life Insurance, Credit Protection. We simply call it CreditCover.

CreditCover is an insurance policy that, well…. Covers Your Credit when certain eventualities occur, and you are unable to earn income, resulting in you not being able to make minimum payments on your credit accounts.

[CreditCover offered by CreditSmart is super affordable and covers all your debt in one policy]

The phenomenal CreditCover policy benefits:

Retrenchment Cover

if you get retrenched, we have you convered by paying your monthly debt instalments for up to 12 months.

Death Cover

in the event of your death, we’ll settle your debt

Maternity Cover

Should you have a unplanned pregnancy, we’ll cover your debt instalmets during your maternity leave period up to 3 moths

Critical lllness@ Permanet Disability Cover

Should you become critically ill or permanently disabled, we’ll settle your debt

Temporary Disability Cover

We’ll pay your debt instalmets for up to 12 months.

Identity theft Cover

it happens, but we’ve got you covered with a lumpsum to help you regain control

More Advantages of the CreditCover Policy


One CreditCover policy to replace them all

With our competitive rates, you’ll save thousands of Rands

Possibility of immediately improving your cashflow

No medical Assessment required

Easy claims process. No hassles