Case For Credit

The Case for Credit

We have all heard that saying, “money makes the world go round”. In fact, that statement is completely incorrect. The actual truth is that CREDIT makes the world go around. Without access to credit, the world economy will collapse, and poverty will be far worse than it is now. Having a dream of being debt free is great, and one should always work toward it if that is your goal. The reality for most consumers in South Africa and the [...]

CreditSmart - We Help Single Moms

5 Ways to Financially Survive Each Month as a Single Mother

Managing your finances alone is only one of the hardships as a single mother. The huge responsibility that rest on you as a single mother often leads to stress, anxiety and definitely feelings of depression or hopelessness. *According to Statistics South Africa, 45.6% of South Africa`s children are raised by single mothers. (*http://www.statssa.gov.za/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/Mbalo-Brief-March-2018.pdf) Although this statistic is quite shocking, it helps to remind the single mother that there are others like her. With that said, the question remains: How will you survive [...]