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Who we are

CreditSmart is a financial services provider focused on assisting consumers with every aspect of credit, debt and financial management.

  • Help consumers get smart about their credit, debt and finances
  • Help consumers get out of bad debt and into good credit or totally debt free
  • Be a one-stop-shop for all things that will improve consumer cashflow, get rid of bad debt, improve credit scores, develop good credit and financial habits and bring financial relief.
  • Make available all products, services and tools that will equip consumers to deal with the demand on their disposable income.
  • Bust the stigma related to debt and the use of credit

Meet Our Team

A Company is only as strong as the people who work there. At CreditSmart we are proud to employ the brightest superstars in the industry.

Putting a face to the name is important to us… just to show you that you’ll be dealing with humans 😉

Managing director and Senior Debt Counsellor
Operations Manager and Debt Counsellor

Senior Debt Advisor and Counsellor

Negotiator and Creditor Relations
Debt Advisor
Debt Advisor
Debt Advisor
Debt Advisor
Debt Advisor
Administrator & Legal

Our Partners

We have partnered with companies and individuals who share our core mission and beliefs, and about whom we are confident will provide excellent service.

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